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Free book reviewers, and beta readers list

Below, you will find a list of book lovers and industry supporters that may be willing to read and review your book. They are happy for you to contact them direct in this regard.

We also list RECIPROCAL REVIEWERS (i.e. authors who review one another's books). Please only contact these if you are willing to (but not compelled to) provide honest feedback. NOTE: various community forums state that reciprocal reviews on sites such as Amazon and Goodreads are "frowned upon", and "subject to removal". This could well be the case, although after examining the guidelines of the above we can find no specific reference to this at this time; but we recommend you take on board this anecdotal advice, and also check the latest review guidelines anywhere you post reviews.

This is a non-profit service and the opinions of the subscribers below are entirely their own, and offered on a free and friendly basis. Please let us know if a subscriber is not adhering to this policy.
To join this list as a (free) reviewer or beta reader, email us at with an approx 70-130 word bio including details of books you like to read, those you'd be willing to review, details of where you post reviews and preferred contact details etc. Also, please include a small jpg image.
Please don't email us asking for reviews - contact the reviewers directly

Please be aware that some reviewers are too busy to answer all requests, and please be reminded to be polite to them at all times, in order that we continue displaying this FREE resource

Under NO circumstances should reviewers be expected to pay for ebooks, books or postage

Azaaa Davis is an American author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels. She debuted in 2018 with THIS TIME, book one in the Nadira Holden Demon Hunter series, and Azaaa continues to release new fantasy books each year. She also offers free book reviews to aspiring writers and indie authors.

I enjoy reading adult fantasy novels, especially urban fantasy. I post my book reviews on Goodreads. Upon request, I can post my review on Amazon as well.

Please follow me on Twitter ( and send me a DM, or visit my website

Matt McAvoy. As well as writing books, I also love to read, and I will happily read and review ARCs and published books from authors and publishers; I will read ALL GENRES, FICTION AND NON-FICTION.  If I read your book I will post reviews on GOODREADS and on my popular book review BLOG, with links from my FACEBOOK and TWITTER accounts – I’ll also put your book’s cover on INSTAGRAM and my PINTEREST board “Books I've Reviewed”; Editorial Reviews can be added to Amazon in Author Central.  My reviews are very detailed and bloggy (usually several hundred words), and they do not shy away from honesty, but I’ll try not to dash dreams either!  I do comment on grammar, so please try to send me final proofs; for this reason I prefer PDF copies.
I also offer beta-reading, synopsis-writing, proofreading and editing services, all of which can also be found at my website.
If you have written a book which you would like reviewed, please send it to me via the form at:

Dr Tracey Evans - Reading is one of my favourite hobbies! I am a Neuroscientist by day but home on bed rest at the moment, so have more time to participate in my hobbies such as reading and very amateur poetry writing (personal not professional).

     As a side line I am an academic proofreader/science editor, this however is unrelated to my request to review a book. I have started to become more interested in fictional history/history/philosophy so thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak. Contact: tjevans7.2.1973[at] - Twitter: @DrTraceyEvans

KIDS BOOKS REVIEWER - My name is Danielle Bruckert, I'm the editor at, I am willing to provide a review for any children's ebooks, as a beta reader or early critique group or as an official review for posting, and if your book(s) are provided free as a leader for your other work I'm also happy to consider it as a submission to our site where we will promote your work on all our channels. See more on our about page,, twitter - @FreeKidsBooks, Facebook - or email me    Look forward to hearing from you and seeing your children's books!

Jean M. Roberts is an avid reader and lover of history. She loves to read history, from Roman up to the 19th century and historical fiction. She has a fondness for all things Tudor. Jean likes witches and will read historical fantasy. Murder mysteries (not too gory) and other books set back in time are also a favorite. She does not read bodice ripping romances, historical or otherwise.  Unexpected endings are a pleasure.  She does not read Westerns, Erotica, Young Adult, or Paranormal. She is picky about grammar! Jean will post her honest review on twitter, amazon, good reads and her blog.
Please send a review request to jeanie49@gmail [dot com]. In the subject of your email include: your name, book title and genre. Attach an epub or mobi version of your book.
Jean will respond if she plans to read your book. 

My name is Shaneka Donte, a freelance writer/interviewer, avid reader. I have a BA degree in English from Trinity University and a MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Antioch University. I have written for LunchTicket a literary journal for Antioch University, as well as a writing consultant for their Writing Center. I am an intern for Poet Lore and the Writer's Center. I also write creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, short stories and children books. I will give honest feedback and review of your book. I am interested in becoming a reciprocal reviewer. I will read anything that's Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, Sci Fi, children books and romance. I will also promote your book via my Instagram and Twitter pages. Twitter: @ShanekaDonte Instagram: Shaneka_Donte

You can contact me at for my Submission guidelines.

Hello, my name is Toni, though I write under K.D. Carter. I’m willing to read just about anything, though I don’t want to read erotica or gay romance. I like anything historical – fiction, fantasy, even non-fiction historical books.
The type of books I write are historical fiction & fantasy – I’ve written one of both, and hope to self-pub my 3rd book in December. It’s the sequel to my first what I call historical fantasy book. I’d say they are more “New Adult” than YA, but also in the PG to PG-13 category.
I am working on setting up an email address and blog under KDCarterBooks, but for now it’s probably best to contact me at this email address. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks! Toni Bourlon

My name is Viel Nast. I am an indie writer and self-publisher. I have written and published three ebooks about my epic fantasy world "Land of Oyr" you can see them here. I am also an avid reader and i would like to read similar books in the epic/high fantasy, sword and sorcery, fantasy horror and fantasy or rpg related books. I will post my reviews in Amazon and Goodreads as well as on my blog and fb pages. Please don't send me reviews for nonfiction, romance, sex or any nonfantasy related books.
I accept mobi, epub or pdf versions of your books.
You can email me at with a description of your book.

Renee Guill: Starting a new career as a Book reviewer thanks to poor health. I currently work for readersfavorite.

I can only do ebooks.

I will read anything, including novellas, poetry, and short stories. I do not read Christian or self-help books.

Please check out my site for more info at:

Thank you.

Lee Arrowood: I have always been an avid reader. I enjoyed biographies of historical people and enjoy works of fiction and science fiction. I started writing in high school as the yearbook editor for 2 years; then college as sports editor for the school newspaper; and then I was contributing editor for a national technical trade magazine where I wrote monthly article for 6 years.
I enjoy reading Clive Cussler, Stuart Woods, Jack DuBrul, J.K. Rowling, Jim Butcher, Dan Brown, Morgan Rice, Rick Riordan, And Roger Stelljes, just to name a few of my favorites. My favorite genres would be fiction and science fiction, although I also enjoy reading fantasy (elves, dwarves, dragons, magic). I very much enjoy reading a good story.
My latest book is based on some local headlines. A company came to town with great fanfare and lots of press. They claimed they were going to add thousands of high paying technical jobs. They struggled for three years and made the news on several occasions for failure to pay their employees. After talking with many of those employees, I had an idea for this book. My brother-in-law told me that I needed to write a book about the company and gave me the title one evening as our families were out to dinner. Once he gave me the title, it all just clicked and Book 1 is now in print.
I would be most interested in reciprocal reviews with other writers.  I only give fair and honest reviews.  I will review science fiction, fiction, history, mystery, police/crime, military, action, or other good story.  I am not too interested in romance, erotic, sexual genre, or horror.  I reserve the right to say no thank you to any work, but I do very much enjoy a good book.
Contact: larrowood [at] lorlenterprises [dot] com

Bill Young:  I love reading nonfiction self help books.  My favorite book is think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.  My book is my autobiography of how reading books transformed me from a very weak scarecrow with no brain into a real magician having been endowed with super natural powers from a living legend superstar secret sorcerer more famous then Trump, Oprah, Elvis and Michael Jackson all rolled into one.  Every word in my book is accurate truth but it reads like fiction.  This is a case of truth being stranger than fiction!  I love Carlos Castaneda’s books.  Prefer nonfiction self help.  Will post where authors provide the address.  Thanks for these moments and considering me as a reviewer.
Email: cigaminc [at] gmail [dot] com

Dave Brzeski: I've been reviewing books since 2011 for the British Fantasy Society website <>. I also now review for Skelos Magazine <>, Occult Detective Quarterly <>, which I co-edit & occasionally on the Greydogtales blog <>. I also eventually copy my reviews to Amazon UK & US.
As a general rule, I prefer novellas & shorter novels, but will consider anything within the broad Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror/Period Crime genres. Obviously, anything involving an investigator of the supernatural has a chance of being of interest to readers of ODQ.
I am also a freelance editor, which has drastically reduced my free reading time and I always have a huge backlog, but authors are free to send me stuff on spec, as long as they realise I may well never get around to them. I prefer Kindle format, but epub is easy to convert. I can accept pdf at a pinch. It's lovely to be gifted hard copies, but not really worth your expense. 
Email: dave@cathaven [dot] co [dot] uk

Hello, my name is Gabby and I am a fourth grade teacher as well as booktube/book addict. I post videos weekly and update my goodreads constantly. Currently, I am obsessed with suspense thrillers, supernatural romance, and horror. I am willing to read the majority of genres available and will be willing to post reviews on youtube, goodreads as well as Twitter. 

Feel free to view my goodreads - CLICK HERE and booktube account - CLICK HERE for current and past reads.
Please feel free to reach out and contact me at so that we can work together to promote your book. 

The Eclectic ReviewMy name is Sharon and I am a book reviewer from Iowa and an administrative assistant to a director of an academic library.  I have been reviewing books since 2009 and my blog was recently listed on  Reedsy’s Best Book Review Blogs of 2017

Please contact me if you would like me to review your book and/or provide an interview.

I prefer to read books from new authors, I am willing to read most genres, and I post reviews to requested venues.  Please follow me on Twitter.

My name is Beau Carlisle. I am a small business consulting agency owner, husband and father of 5. I read an average of 300 books a year. 

I have a photographic and didactic memory and often imagine books I read coming to life on the big screen.

My favorite genres are mystery, self-help business books, photography, web design, business, etc. I post reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Google and others.

email: beaucarlisle [at] gmail [dot] com

I’m Amanda and I love to read and write books for all ages from birth to young adult.  I’m willing to be a beta reader, subject to my acceptance, and I’ll read and review books for all ages up to and including young adult.

Please send me a synopsis of your book, including the age bracket of your intended audience.

I’ll review your book on Amazon, my blog at and my website at
You can email me in the first instance at and we can take it from there!

Amber Anthony is a pen name that represents collaborating authors: Patrice Hough Bader (She answers to Rusty) and Nancy Reynolds. 
We write about gorgeous alpha males with tons of charm, who might also be vampires, shapeshifters or most recently we are on our second contemporary romance. (And seeking a literary agent).
Our last book of our paranormal trilogy at Torrid Books will finish debuting in June 2018. I have Kindle versions of Blood Rising, Blood Emerald and Blood Dragon I can provide for the reviews.
Within Romance, we review Paranormal, BDSM, and Contemporary (But no Baby/Pregnancy or Ménage). Actually, if you see your book in the following categories, we would be happy to lend a hand: In the real world, we read Sylvia Day, Michael Connolly, James lee Burke, Dean Koontz, Stephen King or J.D. Robb.
We post reviews on Goodreads and figured out a way to slip into Amazon when we write the review a specific way.
contact email: tabphb [at] msn [dot] com
Happy Reading!

I am Sophie Eminson. I am an editorial assistant for a magazine publisher, and write creatively in my spare time. I am currently attempting NaNoWriMo2017. I love reading and writing about reading. My favourite authors include Stephen King, Malorie Blackman and Andrew Michael Hurley. I love gothic, horror, psychological thriller and crime/mystery fiction. I also enjoy young adult and fantasy fiction, and am happy to review wartime reads, also. I review books on NetGalley, GoodReads and my personal blog, Romantics, Rebels and Reviews. Having recently graduated from Loughborough University having studied publishing and English, I offer a fresh perspective on books and the industry through my blog. 
I am happy to read and review:
Psychological thriller
Short stories
Contact details:
Please email me for an address to send physical copies.
Preference: physical paperbacks & hardbacks.

My name is Pooja Rani and i am an engineer, a psychologist and an indie author at the same times. Because i love to read and write. I have self-published two books till now.
Amazon link to my book Sia and Sam-  HERE
And Fifty shades of a fallen angel- HERE
I like every genre and especially the books with a message and the books that can make me laugh.
You can email me at -
Twitter account- @poojara53080943

After many years of writing creative non-fiction for others, Carolyn Wells steps out of the shadows to publish her first book, Start Again, Inspiration from the Sunny Side of Adversity, an anthology of overcoming adversity. The theme of the book parallels her journey of self-discovery, resilience, and reinvention. 
Having worked in the corporate sector for most of her professional career, she traded in her suburban office space for a window seat to the world and became a flight attendant with a major carrier. When she is not soaring at 30,000 feet, she spends her time volunteering and honing her passion for photography, cooking, and creative writing. 

Carolyn believes her life’s work is to inspire women to identify and use their talents for self-empowerment and service to others.

books I would like to read
Non-fiction Self-Help
Non-Fiction (History)
Anything that makes me laugh
books I want to read and review
Published Non-fiction (Self-Help)
Published Biographies
Published Non-Fiction (History)
Published Children’s Books
Published Memoirs
where to post reviews of my book
Goodreads Page:  Goodreads
Facebook Book Page: Facebook BookPage
I do not expect anyone to buy my book in exchange for a review. I will email a PDF copy.
*willing post reviews to Amazon or Goodreads
contact information
Carolyn Wells

Mellissa Green is my pen name. I write perception-changing Intergalactic Culinary thrillers that transport readers across the galaxy. I read thrillers, scifi, horror, mystery, paranormal romance, historical fiction, epic fantasy, ya fantasy, urban fantasy, romantic suspense, suspense, ya scifi, ya thrillers, medical thrillers medical fiction. I review on my blog and on Audible and rate on Goodreads. I love box sets especially complete box sets and trilogies. I also like reading books written in the past tense, or past and present tense mix, no complete present tense. Preferred contact email: mellissagreen [at] abluegreenuniverse [dot] com or Twitter: @abluegreenunivs

Laura is a contemporary artist with a background as a Montessori teacher, also trained in dance, yoga and creative movement. Born in Los Angeles but having grown up in Brazil, she was a preschool teacher and, later, taught art to underprivileged teens at the Curro Velho Art Foundation. Her art spans varied technique and media, from drawings of nature images and elements, to abstract acrylics paintings, to interactive installations.
Laura now splits her time between New York City and Milford, Pa.
Email: lauracalhounart [at] gmail [dot] com

My name is Prakash Vir Sharma. I am an Indian indie author, and blogger. I am willing to give reciprocal reviews. I love to read and write something inspirational and for betterment of the society, be it a novel or self help book.  In 2017, I Self-Published two short stories books on social issues.   Two of my co-authored books are published by a traditional publishing house. I am trying to improve my writing skills and learning of foreign languages.   I currently review on Goodreads, Amazon, and my blog but am open to review on any platform that is necessary for the author.   I am about to release my upcoming motivational book "Mindset And Passion - The Psychology Of Success" on 26th October '17.

I’m a former journalist and now a thriller/horror/sci-fi novelist and like to review books in those genres.
As a journalist I edited the entertainment section of a daily newspaper in a mid-size city in Canada and was in charge of all aspects of entertainment reporting, coverage and entertainment reviews including the book pages. I’ve personally written hundreds of book reviews that appeared in daily newspapers and magazines.
I’m not crazy about a straight up exchange of reviews. No matter how well meaning, the reviews always get bumped up at least one star and that does no one any good. I can write a review or arrange to have a friend or colleague write an honest review of a book and would like to hook up with those who would review or have someone provide an honest review of my books in trade as long as it’s not a straight up swap.
I don’t mind buying a digital book as long as it is $2.99 or less as are my books.
The one thing I am fussy about is editing. Please do not send me anything with blatant grammatical errors, spelling errors or huge plot holes or inconsistencies. If I get something like that, if it’s got merit in other areas, if the author agrees, I’ll give a full edit to two chapters or 3000 words, which ever is less. In exchange, the writer will find someone who enjoys my genres  to give one of my books an honest review.

John Matsui
Author of:  Late Bite  Gravity Games  Lycanthrope Rising
Contact: johnmatsui99 [at] gmail [dot] com

The Addicted Bibliophile. I am a book blogger, writer, and am a constant book hoarder/buyer who loves to read. I am ready and willing to read and give a completely honest review of your book! I read nearly any genre, but I prefer YA, NA, historical fictions and any number of others. I will read the synopsis first before deciding. I don’t mind reviewing children’s books, as I have 2 girls who are learning to write about the books they read. Check out my blog - to email me, Follow me at @BibliophAddict and Instagram - and Facebook -

Hi, I am Kathy Collins. I have published children's books and nonfiction book.
I am interested in VERIFIED review swaps/reciprocal reviews only. My books are free, $0.99 and $2.99. If you have books that have the same price sand willing to do VERIFIED REVIEW swaps, let me know.
My genre is nonfiction so I am looking for nonfiction review exchange as well. If your book is fiction, shoot me an email so we can talk things out. Thanks!

Maddie Marcarelli. I have been working on a time travel/sci fi trilogy, and the first two are published. I will read any fiction, any biblical nonfiction, and any motivational nonfiction. I will read horror, but not anything that has to do with demons and exorcism. Thanks.
Contact: maddiemarcarelli [at] gmail [dot] com
Author of The Journey

My name is Sampson Edodi. I'm a lover of books and reading. I'm a copyeditor, blogger, and a writer. I review all Christian literature related to spiritual life, youths and young adults and also interested in nonfictional books. I publish my reviews on my blog
 and social media platforms - Fb, twitter, LinkedIn. I will always give you sincere and uplifting reviews. Please, when sending your book(s) I prefer PDF files. Send your book(s) to

My name is Damien Liversedge and I am an author of Regenerate the Fire damienliversedge. I love to write poetry and help mentor fellow writers here in South Africa. I love Christian Fiction or non fiction. I will only review any Biblical and Fantasy books. I accept pdf and you can email it to me or if you have any questions I will put a review on my blog which is and on my facebook page @DamienLiversedge- Author

Hi! I’m a young reviewer with a blog where I review young adult books, mostly romance, action/adventure, historical fiction and mystery/suspense books. In my spare time, I love to read, write, and spend lots of time with my cat! If you have any questions please feel free to email me at!

Maleah Solange Books is a publishing company specializing in Crime Fiction. Maleah Solange Books has released two titles in the Black Love Detective Series "Piece Keeper & Cannibal in the City. I enjoy reading mystery, or action adventure espionage types of novels. I am interested in becoming a reciprocal reviewer. I will post my reviews on Amazon, my blog, and on Twitter.

My name is V Carter. I’m an indie author who reviews books in my spare time. I have published a few books recently with more on the way. I am willing to give reciprocal reviews.
I review most types of books fiction and non-fiction. I DO NOT review horror, erotic, or gay romance. I reserve the right to refuse to review any book. I will post a review on Amazon, my blog, Facebook and Twitter. If you would like me to review your book(s), contact me at author.vik.carter(at)gmail(dot)com
You can also go to my site, here -

My name is M.C. DRAKE. I am an indie author, and blogger. I am willing to give reciprocal reviews.
My novel PROJECT THERMOCEPTION is a Sci-fi action thriller so please bear this in mind offering a reciprocal review. I am willing to review action, horror, thriller and Sci-fi novels. I will not review erotic or romance novels. I'll post review on Amazon and Goodreads as well as on my blog! Head over to  or to send me your book!

I'm a young reviewer with a blog where I review books, a bookstagram (@readwritefangirl) where I promote books. In my spare time, I like to read, write, and dance. If you have any questions you can contact me at my email 

My name is Tiffany Rankin. I am a indie author, book blogger, and active bookstagrammer. I am a lover of the written word. I offer reciprocal reviews. I will review YA Lit, Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, Historical Fiction, and Horror.
Genres that I will pass on are Romantic, Religious, Non-Fiction, and Spiritual.
I am an honest reviewer but not harsh. I will place my reviews on Amazon, Twitter, and on my blog--WillowSmock Books. If you like my review please leave a comment on my website, listed below. I look forward to starting the beginning of a beautiful (platonic) relationship. 
Twitter: @willowsmock
Instagram: @willowsmock_books
Blog links:

I'm Mike Jones, writer of middle grade science fiction and fantasy. I've self published two novels and a novella, all in my New Kent Chronicles series. I'm currently working on the fourth installment. I enjoy reading middle grade and young adult science fiction / fantasy adventures. You can find my books on my Author page or at my Wordpress site (links below). I'd love to trade Amazon reviews. Feel free to contact.


I am a writer who has just recently gotten into the world of self-publishing. I would like to offer reciprocal reviews to other authors who are looking for reviews for their books. I look forward to hearing from you! - Tinaya email:

I am willing to swap reads and reviews for books that fall under the Urban Fiction/ Street Lit/ Erotica genre. I will post reviews to Amazon in return for reviews of my novels. 
EL Griffin - author
Griffin Premier Publications
email: authorelgriffin [at] gmail [dot] com

My Author name is T. Ponder
Facebook: Te'vin Ponder
In 2017, I Self-Published 6 new books; each having its own theme. As of 8/2017 I have sold about 10 copies in total. I’ve been zero to low income for a long time. I kept skill-building with my craft of writing and learning of foreign languages. (In return for getting a review of one of my books I will read and review books/material that you send me)
A few of my newest titles are: The informal fixxx  Early works of my Literature: Poetry, Creative Haiku, Short Story and Prose, displaying the pros and cons of being an author.
Village of black ink  Commemorates Native-American and Japanese culture. A work of literature from a collection of my writing; touches on topics of environmental awareness, reflective love poems. This entire work includes: Poetry, Haiku, and Short Stories.
Email: tevinponderbusiness [at] gmail [dot] com

 J'aimerais faire des critiques de livres en français. 
 J'ai un  doctorat en Lettres. Je suis journaliste, professeure et auteure. J'anime Quai des partances, une ėmission de radio depuis 20 ans. 
 Marguerite Poulin - email:

Hello! My name is Nicole Guerrero.  I am an avid reader and read across a wide variety of genres.  My preferences are historical fiction, history (non-fiction), sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, military fiction, military history (non-fiction), dystopian, and satire.  I also enjoy cookbooks and fitness books.  Being a veteran and an aspiring historian, I tend to be more critical of both military fiction and historical fiction but my criticism is always constructive and I will always find some positive notes to discuss in my reviews.  I currently review on Goodreads, Amazon, and my blog but am open to review on any platform that is necessary for the author.  I prefer actual books (especially when dealing with non-fiction) but am open to review on kindle, pdf, etc.  I can be reached by email, blog, or Twitter.


Hi. My name is Fahren Faust. I am and Independent Author who loves books. When I’m not writing or editing I am and reading as much as possible.
I will review, YA Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Thriller, Paranormal, Middle Grade Fiction/Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction… I will read just about anything that sounds good, with the exception Romance and Erotica. I am willing to review e-books and print copies and post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, and my blog.
I can be reached via my blog or email

My name is Jasmine Roman and I'm a book reviewer and I read romance, erotica, and paranormal romance books. I read 5 to 10 books a week depending on length of the book. My blog is JassyBooks I post my reviews on my Facebook page, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon.

Hey everyone! My name is Ashley Hodge. I love to read, write, and review romance novels. My favorites include, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. However, I am willing to read and review any type of romance novel out there, and give you my absolutely honesty review of your book. Ideally, I would love to be a part of a book review exchange but it is not necessary.  You can reach me at and I will respond within 24 hours. You can always check me out on twitter @ahodge87 or at I look forward to hearing from you all and reading some amazing books! 

Hello. My name is Brenda Malone. The type of books that I like to read are mysteries; self-help; based on true events. My all time favorite book is Stigmata. Its about an Afton-American. I don't know where I found it. I also don't know who I lent it to so I will never see it again, but I do keep looking. It's one of those books that I could enjoy reading over and over again. Contact me at

My name is Amber and I absolutely love to read. Anything from romance, fantasy, mystery, is right up my alley. I will say YA is my poison of choice. Willing to read for an absolutely honest opinion.   You can find some of my reviews, and see my review policy (and apply) at and also in my Twitter @amthebookworm.

My name is Katie and I come from Slovenia. I study English at the University of Arts in Ljubljana. I also (obviously) LOVE to read and it is my pleasure to review books and publish the reviews on my blog which can be found on I also have a Twitter account (KatieJudgesBoos - yes, ‘k’ is missing due to some typo). Of course I review books for free (getting the book is enough of a reward). I can review either ebooks or printed books, as I have all the readers for ebooks. I review mostly all genres so if the book’s summary seems interesting, I will read it. Please contact me on, or on my blog or Twitter.

Hi! My name is Bianca Rita Cataldi and I'm an Italian writer, editor and translator. I love reading English and American books. Indeed, my website is bilingual. I'm PhD candidate at UCD University (Dublin) at the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. I'd really love to review new books in English language in order to make them known in Italy too. I read every literary genre, but I prefer general fiction. You can find me here: To apply for a review, email:

Hi my name is Jan Rose Farnworth hence the J.R. in my blog title. I love to read books a wide variety of books my dream job has always been to work in a library, a book store, or to get paid to read books and share my opinions. I do live in reality though so being a book reviewer for fun is about as close as I probably come to having my dream job. So here on this blog you will get to read all about books I either have picked up at the library, books I gotten from book stores, giveaways, from review sites or freebies I picked up on my kindle. I will share an overview, any basic information about the book and my opinion on what made it worth reading or not worth reading. Hope you enjoy what you find and if you have books to recommend leave me comments or ways to improve my site; I take those too.  I review Middle grade Fantasy, Children’s books, and Young Adult fantasy, dystopian, steampunk novels. Basically if it’s not a romance novel I probably enjoy it. I prefer print copies of books but will read e-copies. I post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and my blog. Goodreads profile
I prefer to be contacted via my email:

I’m Eleanor and I’ve always been an avid reader, and now I’m an avid blogger and reviewer. I enjoy reading a wide range of genres, and my favourite books are the fairytale-retelling ‘Bitter Greens’ by Kate Forsyth, the YA fiction novel ‘Carry On’ by Rainbow Rowell, as well as classics such as ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier, and ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath. I would be more than happy to review any romance, everyday-life, YA and historical fiction. You can contact me regarding any review requests @notsomoderngirl, or you can check out my blog,  which is ever-growing, and where the book reviews would be published. I would also publicise any reviews via Twitter.

My name is Mel and I love to read and review Christian books.  I review Christian fiction, Christian historical fiction, Christian non-fiction, and Christian inspirational books and autobiographies.  I can post a review to Amazon, Christianbook, and Goodreads if you'd like.  I also post the review on my blog site at, which I encourage you to check out.  I also advertise my latest book reviews on Twitter.  You can contact me at

Robin Goodfellow first became interested in writing when she was three, scribbling all over her parents' walls and imagining herself in old fairytales while walking in her father's garden. Since then, she has published in journals such as Faith, Hope, and Fiction, the Haiku Journal, and Nature Writing, as well as Black Poppy Review and the Danse Macabre. Masquerade and Letters are also products of her childish mind.

She is now a proud book reviewer for Black Magic Reviews, reviewing books that involve horror, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, and anything else that describes the darkness of humanity, as well as the vain fairytale-like atmosphere surrounding them. I prefer to read horror, dark fantasy, any dystopian worlds, paranormal romance, and any young adult books that correlate with the macabre themes of humanity. My blog is here: 

Steve Chaput: I have been a professional Librarian (in both public and academic Libraries) since 1986.
Receiving my MLS at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in last '89.  Much of this I own to my parents who were both readers and the fact that I was encouraged from a young age to read.  My parents were good enough not to censor what I read, allowing me to read both comics and literature above my age level.

I spent several years, beginning in 1981, publishing my own fanzines and writing for others, where I did reviews of all types of literature.  I also reviewed for several years for the Joe Bob Briggs news letter, beginning with reviews of horror films and later books of various genres.  Besides reviews which I have published on my blog Shot'sShack, I also review the books I'm currently reading on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

I generally read mystery and suspense novels, along with a good amount of Science Fiction and horror.  I also read non-fiction related to politics and history.  Contact:

Rajan Mogha: I am a book enthusiast who likes to read and review.

In English my favourite authors are AC Doyle, Robert Ludlum, Frederick Forsyth, Erich Segal, PG Wodehouse, Anuja Chauhan, Amish Tripathi, AshwinSanghi, Vikram Seth, Arundhati Roy, Maeve Binchy, Greg Iles, Dan Brown, David Baldacci, Nora Roberts and many more. Sherlock Holmes is my favourite character of all times.
Twitter: @RaganMogha

Book Allure is a book blog made in 2015 by 2 best friends who share a passion for books. They read and review genres mostly revolving around young adult, new adult, contemporary, fantasy, and the like. Beta reading services are currently available free of charge.

We post our reviews on and can be reached by email through We also have Facebook (/bookallure) and Twitter (@bookallure) pages. 

Hi, I am Jamie Manous and I love Books. All Kinds of books. I will read the back of the cereal Box (no joke) I read everything all day everyday I’m addicted! I love YA, Mystery < romance, and Dystopian type. I love a real book not the digital It just doesn’t feel right reading on a screen. I want to turn the pages. I leave reviews on social media, Amazon and Goodreads. Hope to be hearing from you soon. You can contact me at:

I'm an author who has a new novel, The Hanging Murders by Rex Carothers.
I'm willing to review books for free. I can discuss my reviews on Facebook, Twitter, my website, and Goodreads. My writing is in the mystery/thriller genre.
I will accept books, PDF format, at my email,
Find Rex Carothers on Facebook –
Website –

My name is Kerrie, and I run the blog I am a reviewer of most genres of books, but I love to read and review psychological thrillers, women's fiction, contemporary novels, mystery and suspense novels, as well as some YA and even children's books. I post reviews on my blog, as well as on twitter and Facebook. My social media accounts are:
twitter: @comfyreading
instagram: comfyreading

I am a poet and have published chapbooks.  I have two sites where I post my reviews, dependant on genre.  I’m interested in all and any, published or unpublished,  books. I do like books that are different, shocking and you are unable to define.  I like horror, memoir and poetry. 
I’m particularly interested in hearing from UK authors and anyone who would like to take part in an author interview or to write a guest post.  I can accept a PDF copy but a physical copy is kinder to my eyes
You can contact me at either site

My name is Brett, and I am a published novelist, primarily in the mystery genre.  I would be open to review any fiction, but my preference is mystery/suspense.  I like to reciprocate reviews with other writers.  I currently post on Goodreads and Amazon, and may add to those.  I live in the Philadelphia, PA area.  My email address is

Hi! I'm Shin, a bookworm, a cat lady, and a self-confessed book sniffer. I’m primarily interested in reading true crime, horror/paranormal, mystery, psychological thriller, crime thriller, suspense, autobiography/biography/memoirs, erotic romance/erotica, and some science fiction if it's really interesting, but I would usually read anything interesting as long as it's not for tweens or teens. I rarely accept books in romance genre unless it is intertwined with other genres (e.g. paranormal romance, erotic romance, etc). All reviews are posted on my blog -, Goodreads, Booklikes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. I also make sure to spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google+ as well. I would highly appreciate if you can send me a physical copy of the book but considering the shipping costs, I do accept ebooks in epub format. Please read my review policy on my blog,, before contacting me. I've just created my new blog recently, so if you wanna take a look of my previous reviews, go to Thank you.

My name is Rachel and I review books at My passion is Young Adult books, although I also love children's books intended for older readers. I have a degree in English Literature, so I have experience with critiquing and analysing books. I will usually accept any genre of Young Adult book, although my favourites are fantasy and adventure. I will accept both physical copies & ebooks in the ePub format. I rarely accept adult books, although if they are in the fantasy, adventure or historical genre I may make an exeption. Please do not send me requests for adult romances or erotica as it is very unlikely that I will accept these. Please read my review policy on my blog before contacting me via email.

I have mostly been writing news for However, I am an avid and eclectic reader. If you are a fan of the old school touching and feeling an actual book... then you understand one of my prejudices toward ebooks.  Nevertheless, my own book is out in both formats. I just refuse to see paper books die. I like science fiction, history (Non-fiction), fantasy, young adult fiction, alternate history, any thing that brings about learning or healthy personal growth.  I can be harsh, but folks trust me to be sincere in my opinion.  On Goodreads, I don`t give out a lot of 5`s, but... quite a few 4`s.  I try to be fair with the exception of cussing the author of Allegiant for this last book,  and reducing my rank on all the books in the series, but.... it was a lousy ending, diminished my enjoyment of the series, and ... figure if you are gonna try and make me love your main character who survives beyond all odds only to kill them to make a point about loss and growth...  um... f you, that is where real life comes in... If the book is balanced and folks die. I`ll cry and all that, but... you didn`t just suprise me with... you know what I`m saying.  xoxo, Michael Markman Email: Author of " Are There Zombies in Heaven...", ""Red Heads Eat Their Young," and "Orange Lollipops for the Texas Strangler".

My name is Samantha Gregory and I am a reviewer for readers favourite as well as a book blog host for Virtual Tour Cafe. I have a degree in Media Studies and a degree in Journalism. I am an author and a journalist. I read horror, fantasy, sci fi,YA and paranormal romance. 
You can email me at: and follow me on Twitter at: sam_skgregory. My blog address is:

Hi, my name is Tanya: Lifelong Reader. Recent Blogger. My focus is Young Adult novels (especially those with a LGBTQ twist), but I also enjoy crime drama, sci fi/spec fiction, good urban fiction, and a smattering of other genres (no high fantasy or chick lit, please). I try to find something I like about every novel I review, but I’m always honest. If I didn’t enjoy the book, I’ll explain why and how it might appeal to other readers.  Reviews are posted on my blog, Facebook, Twitter (with a tag back to the author’s twitter feed), and Goodreads. If you’re interested in a review, email me at with a brief description of your book. If it feels like something I can review fairly, we’ll arrange the details from there. Happy Writing!

My name is Stephen and I’ve been reviewing books for three sites for a few years. Please visit my review site at: to learn about how I review books and the guidelines. Normally, I will accept mystery, thriller, suspense, and some science fiction if I like it. I’d rather not have romance or erotica or historical fiction unless it’s a good mystery. I will take a physical copy or pdf, Kindle or epub or word document. I will post my review on my site and a couple other author/book sites as well as promote the reviews on FB, Twitter and other places. Please look at past reviews before you contact me because I’ll be honest and give the good with the bad. My email is Thanks!

Are you looking to reach your target audience? If so, I have three children ready to read your book. Hello, my name is Jaclyn. I am a writer, blogger, illustrator, and mommy of three. The books I review are for ages 0-14 and PG. Any genre is fine. I regularly review on Amazon, but I am starting a section on my blog for reviews. If we don’t like a book, we will not review it; however, if we do chose your book, I will tweet and share it on my SM sites.
Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook & G+ and message me at: 

Hi, my name is Johanna and I review books on My passion is reading good books and sharing them with others, which is why I chose to create my blog. I read a wide variety of books both fiction and nonfiction, and review physical copies in both ARC/galley or finished copies (no eBooks please). All reviews are posted to as well as amazon, goodreads, and FB/twitter. Please note that I do not review paranormal, witchcraft, erotica/sexually explicit, atheistic, or interfaith books. I also offer expedited (7 day) reviews for a nominal fee. For more info please visit my Submission Guidelines Page ( or email

About Caitlin Seida: Owned by three cats and two dogs, she never met an animal she didn't like. A Jill-of-All-Trades, she splits her workday as a writer, humane society advocate and on-call vet tech. What little free time she has goes into pinup modeling, advocating for self-acceptance, knitting and trying to maintain her haunted house (really!). Writer and reviewer, Caitlin will place your review on GoodReads and send out a Tweet about her thoughts. Her favorite genres are horror, fantasy, erotica and true crime, but she's willing to read anything that has a unique twist that defies the genre it resides in. You can get in touch with her on Twitter @Freelancer00101 or via e-mail at

Hello, I'm Rylea! I am an avid life-long reader and the daughter of a librarian. I have a BA in English/Creative Writing from Creighton University. I also have a BSN (nursing degree) and a DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice, May 2014) with a specialization as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I honestly read anything and everything. I enjoy YA, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Non-Fiction. I have previously edited a college-based literary journal accepting short fiction, poetry, and art. I also intern for a poetry journal as a blog contributor. I am currently at work on my first novel for the YA crowd. I use Goodreads & write a personal blog. I would be interested in participating as a reviewer or beta reader. Contact me at or on Twitter as @rylea_anderson

Hi, I'm Urthwild. Darkness Beckons is a horror novel review website. We review the following genres Steampunk, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, slipstream, bizarro, dystopian, apocalyptic, paranormal, of course horror and strangely children's books. All reviews are posted on Darkness Beckons, Amazon, Goodreads, book likes and if by indie authors/publishers on TheIndieView. I also write speculative fiction.

Movies & Manuscripts was started by two self published authors who discovered how hard it is to find people to review certain genres.  We will accept electronic versions of the following:  Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Military, Nonfiction, Horror, Historical Fiction, Well written Self-Help, Some Business Topics, Some Young Adult Fiction.  Nate is the Author of two books & the co-founder of the blog, Jason, is currently working on his first book. You can reach the blog here.  Due to the number of submissions (and the fact that we actually read the books we review), please be patient. Not all submissions will be accepted.  If you would like to forgo a review & opt for putting your cover & book description on immediately, please check the "Indie Authors Advertising Info" Page on the blog. We offer very reasonable prices to give you a great value!

Hello, I'm Claire, I'm an avid reader and reviewer. I'll read pretty much anything, from adventure to young adult and most genres in between.  My honest reviews can be found on Amazon, Waterstones, goodreads, librarything, Lovereading and booklikes. I use Twitter, pinterest and facebook to recommend and promote books that I've recently read and enjoyed. I'm also active on netgalley and bookbridgr. This may sound like I don't have time for yet more reviewing, but since I'm not working I fill my days with books!  You can find me on Twitter @claireh18, email me directly or follow me at

Hi. I’m Helen Burroughs, a book reviewer, a beta reader, a copy editor, and a lifelong book lover. I enjoy fiction in the following genres: mysteries, thrillers (military, suspense, historical, psychological, legal, romantic, techno), suspense, and police procedures. I enjoy the books of all levels of authors. I have reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter; and, a shelf on I’m willing to post free book reviews to any and/or all of these sites. I promise to give honest, fair and unbiased reviews. I love the Kindle, and prefer to read on it; however, I enjoy printed books as well. I can be contacted via email: (write ‘Free book review request’ in the subject line). As an alternative you can contact me via DM on Twitter

Hello! My name is Kyla. I am a book blogger/reviewer from the Philippines. I accept any kind of book as long as it's completely fictional. I'm also starting to review lifestyle books (cook books etc.). For more info kindly visit my blog ( and/or email me at

Hello, my name is Celia and I would love to review books. I truly read anything, which doesn't mean I'm indiscriminate. I often read reviews and then make up my own mind. No matter the genre, I am intrigued by others imaginations. Generally emotions are tweaked and something is learned. Examples of some of my reviews can be found on My reviews reflect my thoughtful and courteous nature.  I endeavor to include a wide variety of detail, so that the author and reader can benefit. Please visit my Author Website and contact me HERE

My name is Loretta Lynn and I am half of the author team L. S. Lynn. I amlooking to connect and give back to the indie community. I love almost every genre (with fantasy/sci-fi/horror being personal favorite and romance being my least favorite--but I won't necessarily turn it down); therefore I'm willing to review almost anything. Amazon, Smashwords, Twitter, Facebook, and any other place you would like a review or promo posted I'm happy to oblige. My preferred method of contact is through my website:  

My name Lisa Brighton I'm 41 years old. I have worked with books for almost ten years and have a book store too. I love reading anything that makes me laugh! A feel good book. However I don't like to deal with downloads or kindles, I am a great believer that there's nothing better than the smell and feel of a new book. I have done quite a few reviews on Amazon and I do a lot of reviews throughout my book stores. Please contact me by email:

My name is Roderick Cooper. Although I have not reviewed online, I was editor  - and therefore always chief book reviewer! -  for Kent Life, Sussex Life, Surrey Life and Surrey County Magazine for more than 20 years in all. My website  - - shows my journalistic and fiction-writing career and under extracts - journalism show examples of my own published book reviews. I still write regularly from my office at home, but miss the pleasure of reviewing and would enjoy some free reviewing of general fiction, and books of all categories and genres. You can contact me on Twitter or through my website.

My name is Laurie and I am a writer and an avid reader. 10 years ago I wrote a book of therapy techniques. I recently decided to get back into full-time writing & have been blogging as well as working on writing novels. I read a wide range books & I have posted numerous reviews on both Amazon & Goodreads. I would be happy to share reviews on my personal twitter or facebook page, my personal blog or on Amazon & Goodreads.  My favorite genres include historical fiction, YA fiction, realistic fiction, and non-fiction self-help & history.  I have also been known to read some chic lit & romance novels on occasion. I would be happy to read most manuscripts, but I am not overly fond of fantasy or horror novels. Please email me: or connect with me through My Blog or My Facebook.

My name is Patricia and I'm a seasoned blogger, beta reader, editor, reviewer, writing coach and avid reader. I am also trying my hand at "author" and pray to get my book buffed, puffed, and polished for publishing during 2015.  I am on Facebook, Google+, LinkedInPinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr. My website is Room With Books and I invite you to stop by and see me any time.   I would like to be considered for a review of your book. Please fill out the contact form on my website. I will then contact you via email (from   Formats: MOBIs, ARCs, or PDFs are preferred. Please contact me if you use another format to verify that I have the program necessary for reading it. I don’t accept book “gifts” on Amazon or other services  as I do not wish to give the impression that my reviews are bought for the price of a book.   Genres: Christian, Fiction, Mystery, New Adult, Non-Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Thriller, and Young Adult, in full length novels and novellas. Please feel free to ask about other genres as I consider each book on an individual basis.   All reviews may be posted on my blog, GoodreadsAmazon and Barnes and Noble. If your book is available on another site, I will gladly consider posting my review there as well. ♥♥♥ Unfortunately, not all requests can be accommodated. I only give honest reviews. As the reviewer I have the right to decline reviewing any book. I do not slander or degrade authors, but I do offer constructive, honest reviews. My reviews are my opinion and should be considered as such. ♥♥♥   Room With Books is a direct result of my love of books and reading and I thank you for considering me for your review.

I'm Lorraine Pestell, a British Australian who's an IT manager by day and an author of a six-part serial by night.  For enjoyment, education and to hone my own writing skills, I love to read general fiction and contemporary romance, particularly if the stories involve complex characters and perhaps even a social justice edge to them. I post all reviews on Goodreads and all Amazon regional sites.  I am keen to support independent authors, particularly from small markets like Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, who are currently disadvantaged by Amazon's refusal to copy reviews into the larger markets' "stores".  I can be contacted via Twitter or via my Goodreads author profile.

Laurie Skelton - I'm the CEO of Pinnacle Publishing and have authored three books, numerous short stories, plays, poems & songs. I work primarily with publishing indie titles, and also scout for new talent as a literary agent & mentor up and coming authors. I made my start in the industry at a very young age, and my first published poem was at the age of thirteen. I later went on to be a transcriber & was quickly promoted to being Managing Editor of 24/7 magazine with a readership of 20K worldwide. I am always looking to work with those who have the passion to write but are unaware or resources & that incredulous fear of typing those first words. I would be interested in being a reviewer as above all I love books & the stories authors tell. I am especially fond of fiction from a variety of genres though less inclined towards sci-fi/fantasy. You can contact me at: or on Twitter.

Richard Bunning. I review regularly across genre, with a preference for Speculative Fiction. All my reviews go onto Amazon and the usual range of other major sites. Please note that I don’t guarantee to review any work unless I can find something positive to say. I prefer to receive e books. As an author I’m, quite naturally, always seeking reviews of my works. I have no problem with the practice of peer reviewing/cross reviewing with other authors provided publishing names are used so that the process is transparent. My main site is
I prefer to be contacted through this site. See the last page under ‘more’ for a contact form.

"Hi, I’m Maryline. I’m a Belgian history student. A history geek, but I also enjoy reading woman’s fiction/NA/Chick-lit/romance and mystery/suspense/legal thrillers. I review for M’s Bookshelf where each book will receive a 1-5 star review. I will also post them on Goodreads and and I will share them on Twitter.
Please take a look at M's Bookshelf for more contacting details. I prefer paperback, but I also accept ePub. if shipment to Belgium is not possible."

Hi I'm Jeremy. I'm a father of six, a husband, teacher and Author of 3 published novels. I love to read and write. I especially would like to review any historical fiction (especially Celtic or dark ages), from kids to adults, fantasy fiction, comedy or Zombie novels. I review for a magazine, Catalonia today, and put all my reviews on my web page, Amazon, Twitter and Goodreads. I'm only interested in self published or small publishing houses. I'll be honest and make suggestions for improvement. I'll contact you and discuss your novel as well, if you'd like. Be good. Jeremy Poole. Email:

I'm Juliette of Paperbacks and Frosting and books are my passion! I'm a graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in English Literature. I'm an editor, bookseller, and vice-president of my local RWA chapter. I devour books and would love to review yours! I read any kind of fiction except for erotica. When I say any kind I mean ANY. I'll read romance, fantasy, horror, mystery, historical... anything you can throw my way. I'll read traditionally published and self-published as long as I can add them to my goodreads account. ;)  I post on my blog Paperbacks and Frosting as well as on Amazon, Goodreads, and sometimes Barnes & Noble. I'm always looking for new authors to promote! Contact me here:

I am Louis Cecile of and I am a poet plus author of two books. Due to poetry books reviews being under-represented in free services, I am offering to solely review all forms of poetry. I also enjoy reading books on psychology, true life and crime in my spare time. My reviews will be balanced to highlight the good areas and areas for improvement. I accept ebooks and pdfs. I am based in England and post reviews on my blog and Amazon. You can contact me on Follow me on Twitter.

My name is Beth. My passions are my two beautiful children, my two handsome grandsons, my family, friends, music, and reading. I love to read and review books.  I only review books of a spiritual nature, whether that be christian fiction, self-help, devotional, counseling or any books of a religious/spiritual nature.  I post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, my blog, facebook, twitter, LibraryThing, Barnes and Noble or anywhere else you would like. I love holding a book in my hand, but I also love my Kindle, or just receiving a PDF file. Follow Beth on Twitter, Facebook or you can contact Beth on - I look forward to hearing from all!

Julie Whiteley: I read mainly romances of all types and mysteries of all types, but I also like historical fiction, history, biographies, and true crime and entertainment books. I blog at I write reviews all over the place. I tweet all my reviews, post to Goodreads,, LibraryThing,  my blog, netgalley and Edelweiss and rate books on Shelfari.  I read independent and well-established authors alike. I give honest reviews and make no money from my reviews or blog. I just love reading so I may as well share my books with others. I update my blog at the least every other day. I average a book a day, and post reviews immediately.  I am the most active on Goodreads. I am a Goodreads librarian, a member of 44 reading groups and the moderator or two groups. I have rated 779 books and reviewed 447 books on Goodreads. I am also a member of ALA and TLA.  I can be contacted directly through email ( or direct message me on Twitter.

Hi! My name is Dawn and I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile who LOVES horror novels. The scarier and gorier the story, the better. I am a writer, editor, and beta reader for several different authors and will review your book for my blog with a link to the review on Twitter. I am a fan of those authors who love the craft and write for the sake of writing, not just to make a quick buck. I would love to review for you! My reviews are at: and you can follow me on Twitter at @Dawnzilla_. Follow me and I will follow you back. Contact me HERE. Happy Writing!

I’m Jan - avid reader and reviewer, ex librarian and publishers rep. I’ve had my book blog since 2010 and read and review womens fiction aimed at the over 30s market. I love tense family dramas, twisty psychological chillers and quality literary romances with a fondness for quality dual time fiction with a modern and historical storyline. I post reviews on my blog and Goodreads also on Twitter where I have over 500 followers I also post my reviews on at regular intervals.

Stephania P. Biddings is: ...a veteran educator of 24 years, teaching Debate,  English Composition, Advanced Literature, Reading, and Creative Writing. She has supported Curriculum and Instruction at school sites, and provided professional development and coaching support, for teachers. Stephania has an educational technology blog, and a Facebook where shares her witticisms and perspective on the lore of the day.  Stephania's passion is reading and writing. She enjoys coming of age novels, and historical fiction. Her guilty pleasure is the occasional romance novel. Her addiction is any and all things Walt Whitman, Alexandre Dumas, Zora Neale-Hurston and Benjamin Franklin. Stephania holds a BSC in News Editorial Journalism and in English Literature; and an MAEd in Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in Educational Technology. You can send Stephania your PDFs, ebooks, and your hard copy products. She will provide you with a thorough review. Contact Stephania HERE

Kelly McDowell: I am a new Book Reviewer, with Facebook & Twitter blogs and book clubs. My interests vary but include modern and classic romance, history, biographies, science fiction, parenting, cook books etc. And I also enjoy young adult and fantasy novels. Please email me

These Curves Talk:  Authors/Publishers – If you are interested in promoting your book on our review site, please contact us at My review policy can be found can be found under the Review Policy tab. I love to do interviews, book reviews, and giveaways! Feel free to contact me. I am accepting a limited number of books for review. Unfortunately, if you do not fit under the genres that I review,which are (Romance, Erotica, New Adult & YA), your request will be denied.

Hey guys so I am Ambi, I am 15 years old, and I live the great land of England. I am really just a normal teenage girl sitting behind her laptop and being to addicted to the internet as well as reading A LOT of books. There is not much to me really, I am a sports fanatic, I love watching sports especially football and rugby. I am really shy when I first meet people but when I do start talking, I can talk a lot ( I mean A LOT). I love reading and I have a huge passion for books. I mainly read YA books but my favourite genres are dystopian, romance and contemporary. I have a blog which is, a tumblr which and a Twitter @anahalx. Contact form is HERE ~ Authors: Please note that explicit adult material is not appropriate due to the reviewer's age.

Cherry Mischievous. I am a book blogger and industry supporter who is willing to read, review and/or blog books. I mainly read and blog about urban fantasy, though the blog has evolved to incorporate 4 other readers. Please note that not all reviews here are positive, but then we do not expect the entire wide world to agree and have the same tastes as us. It would be an incredibly boring and monotonous world! Besides, even among ourselves we don't agree! Find out more about us and contact us HERE.  Follow Cherry on Twitter

Hello. I am the author of nine books, ghostwriter of six, editor of more than 130 books, and administrator of the Word Journeys Blog. I like reviewing the works of authors, since we need each other's help in promoting our works to their maximum. I review on Goodreads and Amazon (when they don't kick me out for being a published author), and I also post reviews on my blog  which I then circulate to more than 50 Facebook groups, plus 10 Tweets per blog. So I will give your book a lot of mileage. I read mainstream and literary fiction, genre fiction (except romance and horror), poetry, essays, memoir, travel narrative, sports, health/wellness, true crime and spiritual titles. Just email me on with a PDF of your work, and an ISBN, and I will take it from there if I find it suitable.

I am Emily of AfternoonBookery I am a book blogger with a dabble into beauty blogging.
I mainly read new adult/romance/erotica/chick lit & humor. I accept print books, ebooks & pdfs.
I am UK based. I post reviews on my blog, Goodreads & Youtube. Contact me HERE.

Jacqui at French Village Diaries: I am a bookworm and despite having lived in France since 2004 I like nothing better than devouring books on a French theme; books about France, books set in France, books about living in France or traveling in France I love to read them all. Every Wednesday, on my blog, I review a book on a French theme and all my reviews are shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Goodreads. If you have written a book that you would like me to read and review please get in touch, contact details are on my blog. Thank you.

Hi, I am Michelle, the Blushing Reader.  I run the blog  I LOVE a book that is so good it makes you blush and thank the heavens you have an e-reader so no one knows your secret.  I read all kinds of romance novels; erotica, new adult contemporary, historical.  I am active on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads (blushing reader), Pinterest (blushing reader) and Amazon.  If I am reading your book, you can guarantee I am putting it out there on social media.  You can find my review request policy and how to contact me HERE. Thanks!

Michelle Willms. I currently live in Carlin, NV. I have a Master of Arts degree in sociology and Bachelor of Science degrees in both sociology and psychology. I have worked as a grant writer, college professor, journalist, and editor. Currently, I am dedicating my life to professional reading, reviewing, and editing. I love true crime, crime, mystery, thriller, suspense, horror, fantasy, paranormal/supernatural (my new love), poetry, cooking, spirituality, and other genres.My reviews are posted on Amazon, Goodreads, My Blog, NetGalley, and occasionally on my Facebook page. I also provide copies of reviews to individual authors, if requested, for posting on personal websites. My reviews are always honest. If they are less than 4 stars, I provides reasons for my dissatisfaction. I also avoid spoilers in my reviews. Contact me on

Hi! My name is Rivalie and I'm a 16 year old book blogger over at Forever Obsession. I have been blogging for around 3 years now and regularly post my review on my blog and on Goodreads. I read a variety of genres from contemporary to dystopian to fantasy, but I will not read/review any erotica or non-fiction as they just do not interest me and they aren't exactly suitable for my age. I do my best to give an honest opinion of all the books that I review regardless of whether I enjoyed it or not. If you're interested in checking out my blog please click here. You can also reach me at my Twitter or email me at

Hi, my name is Weronika (Veronica), I am a graphic designer, artist and blogger,  I create clean, simple graphic designs for a living at I offer book cover designs or simple websites for authors who want to take their careers to the next level. I’m also a big BOOK LOVER. I review the books I read on my book blog My favorite are fiction, historical fiction, mystery and some YA, (you know, girly stuff) NO SCI-FI. For current review policies please go to as my policy may change and my mood for reading certain genres changes too.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at either of those websites. Happy reading!

Susan Day
I am an author and blogger who is passionate about helping grandparents connect with their grandkids through a love of reading. I offer a free guest spot for all children's and YA authors on my blog (subject appropriate, of course). You may request your book be included by completing the form here - Astro's Adventures Book Club Children's Author Guest Spot. You can see what other authors have contributed on Astro's Book Club Blog. Blog articles are the only way to gain long-term traffic to your site and get your book noticed.

Hello, my name is January, and I post all my reviews to my blog I also post to GoodReads, and my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I like all genres of books including non-fiction. I have reviewed everything from Children’s books, memoirs and even erotica. One of my recent reviews was used by the publisher on their main website! I can take hardcopy books or e-reader, and pdf. I am a constant reader and always have a book with me when traveling. Books and coffee are a requirement in life! Email:

My name is Dr Babus Ahmed. I am medically qualified retired GP due to ill health. I love crime, thrillers, mystery & horrors but do read quite widely. I have always loved literature and had a rather classical education at an independent girls school in Essex, UK. I achieved an A grade in English lit & language at A level even though I chose to pursue sciences and ultimately medicine. I enjoy reading Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter, Gillian Flynn, Lisa Gardner, James Herbert & Justin Cronin among many others. I aim to write something interesting myself someday but for now I am reading, absorbing & reflecting work from others. My blog is called Ajoobacats blog and can be found HERE.  I accept books in mobi format for Kindle only. Contact me on Follow me on Twitter.

Hi, my name is Matt and I own and writer book reviews on my website under the name of Citizenone.  I review a variety of books from the genres of fantasy, scifi, historical fiction, superhero fiction, urban fantasy, and more.  I also highlight authors who contact me and provide me a copy of their book to review and/or provide copies for my site to promote so the author can gain additional book reviews on sites such as Amazon.  Tweet me @citizenone3 or email me at and please check out my site for more fantasy and sci fi book, movie, and tv show goodness

My name is Larissa and I post my reviews on my blog I also post them on Goodreads and advertise them on my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages. My blog mainly focuses on books in the Middle Grade, Young Adult, and New Adult genres, as well as the many sub-genres therein. That being said, I do also accept books outside of those genres (although generally still in the fiction range), so please feel free to contact me!  The only genres that I do not accept outright are horror and erotica.

Suzi Kaplan: I am an artist & writer residing in Oakland, California. I have loved to read since I was 4, and it is still among my favorite pastimes. I often edit other people's writing, though I prefer writing myself. I have had 2 small books, Institutional Wallet (out of print) and my current, Elektra's Mouth. Both books were nominated for the Pushcart Prize. My work has appeared in a large variety of literary magazines, both on-line and off, including The Sun, Big Scream, Napalm Health Spa, Maintenant, FTS, 51%, Blue Satellite, 29 Powers, Journal of American Poetics, and Poetry Superhighway, to name a few. To request a review, contact me by email at:

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I live in the UK with my husband and son. I'm a qualified health professional (Midwife) and an avid reader and writer.
I will review all fiction books, including young adult books. I am also able to review children's books (my son loves to read also).  I will post my reviews on my blog, Facebook page and Twitter. I am contactable at and will review ebooks or hard copies. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello my name is Kindell Lewis. I am a 34 year old wife, mother, fitness instructor,personal trainer, avid reader and now self published author. I currently live on Ft Bliss, in El Paso, Texas. My husband is a career solider in the US military. This has allowed me the opportunity to live in many different places and experience things that I never would have had the chance to otherwise. I hope that the future will result in more published works of mine. First though I have to sell the ones I've already wrote. From what I hear, you can do that by getting reviews. I hope that you will read and review my books Tales From The Treadmill. I will be happy to review other author's books as well. Be blessed.  If you respond and it takes me a while to reply, it's simply because I sometimes have computer issues. Contact me at

My name is John, I work in finance as my day job but my real passion is books and writing. I have done some writing in the past for a few magazines but I really want to write about books. All book reviews are posted to my blog which is: TheLast Word - Book Review and will also be posted via my Twitter and Facebook page. The books I review are Crime/Thrillers/ Historical Fiction and Non Fiction books and I can also review young adults' books. Hard copies of books or Kindle or PDF versions are acceptable.   I also have a passion for Classical and Jazz music and will be reviewing new and up-coming artists shortly. I can be contacted via the contact page:   I will give a good old fashioned review and if they author would like a hard copy of the review this can also be supplied.

Hello my name is B.K. Maxwell, I am a Network Administrator by day and a children's author by night. I have recently released my first self-published book The Young Mystery Series: The Missing Lunch. I am devoting my time to those out there that are following the same path that I have and have added a book review section to my website. I will be accepting works from self-published authors of children, YA, and adult mystery and detective books, also I am reviewing upcoming musicians/artist if looking for an honest review; but my main focus is on the books. Please check out my review policy at  Reviews will be posted on my blog page WHO BLOGGED IT?,,  Goodreads, and YA BooksCentral. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

My name is Alexander Alex Rankovic.  I am interested in any type of business books (entrepreneur guides Tony Hsieh, marketing Jeffrey Fox, and sales Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Joe Girarrdi, self type of books Ben Arendt, Michael  Gelb, motivational books, type like Brendon Burchard, Psychology, About technology and on social media Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, art books , Books about great cites such as New York.  I tweet about review of books, at Twitter @AlexRankovic and frequently attend presentation of and promotions of writers on N.Y.U. Book store, Mid Manhattan Manhattan Public Library.  I have extensive collection of over 100 business books published in last 10 years, and I am constantly reviewing and reading new published ones in Barnes and Nobles, Urban Outfitters, and other bookstores around the city. I am a parent of 17 year old teenager (a young  writer, wrote already 4 books) and I can relate to struggle that face young and mature non widely established writers. I am currently working on writing a guide for effective communications and meeting people and working on translating one of my friend book on English. Contact @AlexRankovic on Twitter.

Greetings from the one and only #1 Book Lover & Avid Reader “La’Nita Harris”
My mission is to share my passion through reading and posting honest reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+.  This is my way of supporting authors with heartfelt reviews.  I enjoy reading Street Lit, Chick Lit, Drama, Novella, Short Story, Novel, Romance, Christian, Self-help, Health Mind & Body, Fiction, Autobiography, Memoirs, Religion, Inspirational, Urban Life, Family Saga, TV Adaptations, Tragedy, Erotic fiction, Mystery fiction, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship.  I am a graduated from Southern University at New Orleans with a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology minor/Business Entrepreneurship. 
You are welcome to contact me via email @

Hi, I'm Aly and I love books!  I have a kindle that I love to read books on, but I don't mind what format books come to be reviewed in.  I can review any kind of books but my favorite books are Young Adult, Horror, Fantasy, mysteries, and anything supernatural.  I post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and I do have a blog where my reviews are posted. They are posted here I work full time but I love to read.  I read when I exercise and before I go to bed most nights, I just can't get enough!    I can be reached in e-mail at  I have had positive feedback on many of my reviews.  I do this for the love of reading. I also beta read for authors so I would be glad to help you.  I can't wait to read and review your book, just send me an e-mail.

Hi, I'm Jenn avid reader, former library staff member and Mom among my other many talents. I love to read in all formats, Kindle, Nook and Print. I prefer main stream fiction and Young Adult but I also enjoy health and nutrition books, storage e and organization and home improvement topics as well. Family sagas are one of my favorites, but connecting with the characters is what makes or breaks a book for me. I post reviews to my blog Books & Life on Wordpress and post the review link on Twitter, I am also willing to post reviews on book store sights such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can contact me at

Hello, I’m Kym I’m a 27 year old single mom, freelance writer and blogger.  I love reading (I’m a self-diagnosed bibliophile) and writing, and I would be willing to review anything you send me.  My favorite genres are historical fiction, sex, romance, poetry, and sci-fi.  I will post reviews on my I maintain and good reads, also I can add reviews to different websites if you would like.  I will also promote your book via my Instagram and Twitter pages. You can contact me via my e-mail: Twitter: @IamKymK ~ Instagram: IamKymK ~

Hi, I'm Phillip Clement. I studied English and Creative Writing in Aberystwyth. Since I left there I've lived in a library, written short stories and reviewed books for a number of literary magazines. I'm interested to hear about any literary fiction, writing in translation, magic realism, poetry or graphic novels. You can contact me on Twitter @niagraphils or on my site, where you can also read all of my past work at

I've recently become a reviewer for the British Fantasy Society (BFS). I'm interested in fantasy and weird fiction though I read pretty much anything. I don't believe in slating anyone's work; I try and find positives in anything I read and offer positive feedback. My reviews will appear on the BFS website, but they will also appear on my website I'm developing and they'll appear on my Twitter feed @ian_black_well. Contact me via Twitter.

My name is Liz Rataj Ratel and I am a university trained, Writer’s Union of Canada author & artist who owns a multimedia company. As a way of keeping grounded and continuing my search for consummate artistry, I love reading and reviewing character-driven novels, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, speculative fiction, poetry, short story anthologies, scientific & philosophical non-fiction, religious works, plays & anything quirky or outside the mainstream. I don’t review romance, erotica, horror or works w/ gratuitous profanity or gore. I post reviews on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter (@vraeyda), MacroMicroCosm Lit Journal & Facebook. Contact me via Twitter @vraeyda or email & prepare to send either a digital copy or print edition of your work.

My Name is Sam, and I run Reading Nook NZ. My main genres are YA, Paranomal, Fantasy, Scifi and new adult. You can find me on goodreads, Twitter, as well as on facebook and Pinterest.
I am currently based inNew Zealand and originally from the other side of the globe. I am fluent in English, Dutch and German which enables me to read and leave reviews in multiple languages. The writing talent that is out there is incredible and If I can help make a difference then im thrilled to do so. You can contact me through any of the above options or email me with your request.

My name is Nichole and I run On Writing, a blog dedicated to writing, reading, and publishing. I review adult fiction in the following genres (or any mix of the following) : science-fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, Christian fiction, women's fiction, military. I post reviews on the blog, Goodreads, and Amazon. If there is another website you'd like me to post to, just let me know! My full review policy can be read here: which is where you can find out how to contact me for a review.

Hello my name is Stacie  Williams. I am a stay at home mom of 6. Two are stepchildren but I love them just as much, of course! I love to read fiction -- most kinds -- like fantasy, paranormal, and general. I like authors such as Nora Roberts, Stephanie Meyer, and Richelle Mead. Then I like to review them on goodreads and I prefer to be contacted by mail HERE. I like paperback novels the best, and expect any postage to be paid by the author, as the terms above state should be the case.

Sadie Forsythe: I am primarily a writer, however I'm also an avid reader who thinks the best thing I can do for my fellow authors is offer up an honest review of their work. My preferred genre is sci-fi/fantasy, but I read almost anything, bar soppy romance.
While I accept Kindle format, I much prefer a physical book and always read them first. I post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and my website which cross-posts to Facebook.
You can find a more detailed review policy and contact information HERE.  Follow me on Twitter

I'm Christina.  I read mostly YA novels.  My favorite books are mostly fantasy.  I particularly like fairy tale retellings and books about faerie.  I will review any YA novels or novellas.  I do not review graphic novels.  I post my reviews to my blogGoodreadsAmazon, and of course to Twitter.  My preference is for a paper copy, but I accept ebooks if a paper copy is unavailable.
You can contact me through any of the above methods or by emailing me directly at

My name is RC (Randall Carter) Beaird. I write quite a bit, teach 5th grade Reading and look after my bamboo plantation. I review Children's, Middle School, YA, non-fiction, anything that I can use short excerpts from (with permission) to make short educational questions. I write Reading lessons/exams. I've also written several educational cartoons and newspaper columns.
I'm going to start posting my reviews on my blog, though if it's less than 4 stars, I'll share with author with suggestions. My contact is shawneegrove@gmail (dot com)

I'm Dr. Roshini Shetty, MDS in oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, I'm a medical writer, novelist, short stories and flash fiction writer. I'm author of the novel, "Sexual orientation isn't Mr.Simpleton".
I would like to review books on various genre like fiction, romance, thriller, suspense, crime and science fiction. I'm not interested in non-fiction book reviewing. I post reviews on my Twitter page and would wish to get requests on reviewing books through Twitter: @roshinishetty

I'm Kristin H. the author of the blog After Dark Reading Nook. I offer authors a chance to have their books reviewed for free when they provide me with a copy of their book in either pdf, epub, or print. They can also provide me an image of their book cover so it can be displayed with their review as well as any links they want to include. I will post my review on my blog, Goodreads, and any other sites the author wishes. I also offer authors a chance at an interview to be posted on my blog. I accept books in the following fictional genres: Young Adult (any sub genre), Paranormal Romance, Romance (any sub genre), Erotica (of any type), Crime Thrillers, FBI Thrillers, Mystery, and Chick Lit. I can be contacted by email at or through my blog at I rate all my reviews on a five star rating scale and explain why I chose a specific score, what I liked the best, and what I liked the least. All my reviews are completely honest.

Mark Binmore.  Top selling (so I'm told) author of Simply Divine & A Sorta Fairytale and the subject of Tour De Europa by Chris Henson.Love to read and reviews biographies, true stories and poetry.  I post reviews on my Twitter page, where I have a good following and via my website . My contact details are as follows:
On Twitter: @MarkBinmore

Hi my name is Craig Gillan. I own my own Landscaping Business and I enjoy reading as a chance to unwind. My main choice of reading is crime fiction. I also enjoy adventure stories similar to Clive Cussler. I have a few sports biographies on my bookcase also. I do not own or want to own a kindle as I like to hold and turn the pages of the books I am reading. I normally leave my reviews on Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook. I hope that I would be a good choice for being a reviewer for your authors. Email:

I'm Mel Russell, a 26 year old Library Duty Manager from Surrey. I'm a prolific reader and am happy to review most fiction genres with the exception of chick-lit and westerns; these aren't my kind of thing and I would possibly struggle to give a fair, objective review. With regards to non-fiction I am particularly interested in Russian and Germany history, and conspiracy theories. I mainly post reviews to Goodreads, but also to Amazon and have had a few reviews posted on My email address is I look forward to hearing from you!

My name is Brett Wallach, and I write mystery novels, and would like to review other's work.
My reviews appear most frequently on goodreads, and my contact info is
I am from Philadelphia, PA in the US, and probably would prefer to review American novels.

My name is Olivia. I'm from Malaysia and I've just graduated from high school. I am an avid reader and I have a wide range of genres that I love to read. I don't read horror and erotica novels though.
I only read paperbacks and/or hardcovers. I don't read ebooks so I can't review such books. I can be contacted through my email
I have a book review blog:

I am a Mennonite mother and grandmother who likes to stay in touch with what my (grand)children are reading.  In my day job I deal with human struggle and this has translated for me into a distaste for reality TV and a love for science fantasy and science fiction novels.  I am an avid life style blogger, I use my blog to support mindful creativity in children and to motivate grandparents to be stay engaged in the lives of their grandchildren.  Thus I play Minecraft with all my grandchildren, read novels that my 21-year-old grandson enjoys and encourage our granddaughters to read books with strong female characters.  You can visit my blog at  and I can be found on Twitter  If you written a novel that you think I would enjoy reading or my grandchildren would enjoy I will gladly offer my opinion through my blog.  Also if you have written a book that encourages children to develop problems solving, prosocial skills or is meant to help children deal with life I am also interested this these as well.

I am Vincent F. A. Golphin, a storyteller, author, editor, blogger, and retired university professor of Creative Writing. Now in Central Florida, I still teach a course every now and then, but write most of the time. I enjoy good stories and wordplay, so I review and beta read a broad range of poetry, essay and story collections, novels, comics (graphic novels), memoir, inspirational, and religious works on Veereads: It's About Story, Amazon, Goodreads, and Twitter. Digital copies or PDFs are preferred, yet print is acceptable. The Veereads reviews are balanced and frank, not flattery. Works not reviewed that stand out might be showcased on Veereads on Facebook. There are also other possibilities for promotion. Contact:

My name is Ifidon Sarah, a 22 year old Nigerian with an unimaginable passion for words. I write poetry, drama and prose (short fictions, etc) and have been writing since I was 10 years old. I love reading books that are targeted at teenagers, poetry targeted at children, storybooks with animations, novels that have plots majorly centered around the life of a woman, non-fictions in general. I love writing and adore writers who can make me smile, laugh or cry while reading. Contact me here:

I’m an English-language writer, novelist, and essayist, author of two novels. I perfectly understand value and importance of everyone’s review and how hard it is to get even your closest friends and relations to read and review your first book. I’m primarily interested in philosophical and socio-psychological literature. I also like reading romance, fantasy, crime, thrillers and historical fiction, including non-fiction and poetry. If you make me fall madly, deeply in love, with your book, I will write one positive review based on my own literary experience and publicize it on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. It’s absolutely free of charge. Kindle format or PDF files are preferred. I would like to be contacted through email: witter: @IgorEliseevTwit

My name is Jonathan Finch and I would prefer to post reviews on Amazon. I would prefer to receive books in e-format but my preferred number one choice for reviewing is reciprocal reviewing. I buy your book from Amazon or Smashwords and review & you do the same for me. This is not payment but helps independent authors. I have published fiction-memoir on KDP but am also very willing to review poetry which is nearer and dearer to my heart. Please contact me on and please expect an honest review as far as I am able.

Hello. My name is Marie Tayse and I'm from Tennessee. I am a self-published author and I know how hard it is to get even those who love your books to review them, so I decided to offer to read and review the books of others who are self-published. In addition to being an author, I am also a stay-at-home mom and animal lover. My family and I have rescued several cats and dogs over the years, and we currently have five that were rescued. Besides being mommy to my children and our 'furbabies', I also enjoy editing and reading. I find myself proofreading everything from the notes the teachers send home to Facebook posts and everything in between. My favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks, Heather Graham, and Ann Rule. I've reviewed these books and others on Goodreads, Amazon, LibraryThing, Twitter, Facebook, and Books-a-Million. Those are also the places I would post the review of your book. I don't have a Kindle or Nook, so I can only accept PAPERBACK format. I will accept books in the following genres ONLY: Children's, Self-Help, Non-Fiction Paranormal (true hauntings, paranormal investigations, bigfoot, demons, poltergeist, angels, unexplainable disappearances, etc.), Rescued Animal Books, and Young Adult. However, if your book does not fit the above mentioned genres but the description on the back cover grabs my attention, I still may accept. To contact me, please send an email to with BOOK REVIEW REQUESTED in the subject line and the genre and back flap description in the body of the email. I hope to be hearing from you soon.

Hello, I am Linda. I review ebooks only. For fiction, I read almost all genres except erotica and highly graphic, gory horror tales. For non-fiction, I am interested in books with themes on positive thinking, energy healing, spirituality, or general health and fitness.
To send a review request, please email me ( with (1) Book Review Request as the email subject, (2) Book title (3) Name of author (4) Genre (5) Page count and (6) Amazon book link. I will answer and request a Kindle mobi copy if interested. Thank you!
My reviews are posted on Amazon and my Twitter timeline.

My Name is Stacey Schneller and I am a book reviewer. I read physical book copies and ebooks. I read almost all genres except for history fiction or non fiction. I am very interested in Cozy Mysteries, Young Adult, Christian, Romance, Mysteries, Paranormal, Children's, Thrillers, Cooking, Crafts, Adult, and Adult Coloring books.
If you would like to offer me a free printed book or ebook copy for a exchange for an honest review I would be honored to do so.
I post my reviews on my blog at and also on Goodreads. 

Hi! I'm Shaine. I'm an avid fan reader. I honestly review books for academic purposes. I enjoy reading fiction in the following genre: YA, science fiction & fantasy, mystery, thriller (psychological, legal, medical), suspense (crime, detective), and romance. I enjoy and prefer reading printed books. I spend most of my days reading since I'm on vacation. Email me at

The Ravenous Romantics was started in July 2016 by two friends who love to read and write all things romance. We understand firsthand how difficult it is out there in the world of publishing, and our goal is to help the unknown authors get the recognition they deserve. We will review adult, new adult, and young adult ROMANCE in ebook format only. All reviews will be posted on our blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. For more information about our review policy and to request a review, please visit our website at:

Hello my name is La Kayshal and I am an author and an avid reader. While I am not reading or writing or travelling, I teach students. I like to read fiction novels, namely genres of all types of romance, erotica (but no kinky stuff thanks), sci-fi, adventure, mystery, action and thriller. So I am willing to review any one of the mentioned genres but my interest mainly lies in romance. So I am guilty of giving priority to romance books over others. Having said that I am here to help new authors like myself so would love to do exchange reviews or free book reviews on Goodreads (which appears on my Facebook as well) and Amazon. I read mostly EBooks on Kindle app or online from various websites. If you would like me to give you an honest review of your book please contact me through email:
Cheers to reading and putting your imagination into words.

Greetings! I'm Bruno Bernard, writer and entrepreneur, and former hedge fund credit fx trader. I am interested in all types fiction and non-fiction books.I will certainly review and write. You may contact me on my Facebook and quote 'Tweet Your Books' just send me a friend request then message me to my professional Facebook network - and I will read your Kindle and pdf books and write a review in due course. Kindly expect 2-3 weeks till review as I have many books to read plus I run my own media business and I'm here to help new authors. Yours sincerely Bruno Bernard.

My name is Larkin. I am a Goodreads reviewer:
My reviews are brutally honest. If you cannot handle that, please do not contact me. I read all genres.
Particular interests: contemporary, literary fiction and horror. I accept MOBI or PDF files.
Send review requests directly to Feel free to follow me on Twitter as well:

Reading Renee: I live for books. I love my Kindle. I read romance, mysteries, chick lit, detective type stories and suspense.
I decided to start a blog that would support the authors and not be commercial. I never get paid for a review or giveaway. If I like a book then I pay to give it away as a show of support.There were many times I read something because it was recommended or rated high, and in my opinion it was awful. So I write about books I love, and if I don’t at least like them, I won’t write about them. I have been lucky enough to meet great authors who will give me a book to review and that means the world to me. There are so many great ladies like Heather Huffman, Tracie Banister, Heather Thurmeier and Samantha Bailey who have become friends. They are such talented writers who appeal to a large audience. The best meeting has to be Amber Lehman. I will do anything for her! I think she is so talented and her novel Torn was among my favorites. Contact me on Visit my blog for more info. Follow me on Twitter.

Rebbecca Craft: Communication and Media graduate who is currently a full-time copywriter and social media assistant during the day and active reviewer and writer at night! I have written numerous reviews from Food and Drink magazine to Purbeck Folk Festival. I have a great interest in SEO and online marketing so I can definitely make a review stand out and seeded out to relevant websites. I enjoy reading a wide variety of genres as this ensures I am a balanced reader as well as writer. I can post on my own blog (which in one day received over 2,000 unique hits) or a young writer’s website ( Contact me on Visit my Blog. Follow me on Twitter.

Erin is a mother, geek, and avid reader. She fell in love with First King of Shannarain the seventh grade and has been hooked on sci-fi/fantasy ever since. Among her favorite authors are Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, David Edding, and Dawn Cook (Kim Harrison). When she isn't reading, working, or being a mommy, she enjoys fishing and watching football. She enjoys all sci-fi/fantasy but prefer high fantasy.  She likes all historical and alternate history especially set in Britain or Ancient Rome/Greek. She'll take young adult as long as it falls into one of the previous categories.  Historical/fantasy romance is her dirty little secret as she can't resist a well-written love story.  Horror isn't really her thing. Erin runs her own blog, The Bookworm's Fancy, which is a mix of reviews, author interviews, and musings about writing and the publishing industry.

Richard Sommery-Gade: I am a disabled Viet Nam Vet, who during the last 2 years has suffered 2 major strokes which necessitated Gamma Knife Brain Surgery and have just survived 2 minor strokes. At 65 yrs, I have been an avid reader of a cross section of literature from the age of 4 to now. It has been my solace and escape from constant illness as a child to my full circle point in life. Having to reduce my over achiever under protest retirement, which has been further reduced by the last 2 years medical nonsense, I decided to give back to the literary community that had fed my mind starting with John Masefield & Arthur Ransome who transported me to fanciful delights. My Amazon review name is Nanakulikane but applying for a review on is probably quicker if you want feedback before publishing. I am honest and will not blow smoke to stroke an ego but rather give an honest response to help you on your way. Remember I can't be overwhelmed & inundated, as these strokes have slowed my reading & scanning speed considerably. Aloha & A Hui Ho

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t read and was fortunate to nurture a reader in my daughter; believe me when I say that nothing stretches the single mum’s budget more than a child who will read everything: no institution is more important than a public library. My reviews are crafted to be a Thank You to the author for the hours, months or years gestating the work I have just read.  It is my responsibility to be honest and provide clear reasoning that gives both reader and writer a clear picture of what I thought. I review both written and audio books at which is an indie-author-friendly blog. I also have 2 FB pages: HERE (audio-book focused) and HERE for written books Additionally, I post to Google+ 

TeamNerd Reviews was founded by Annabell Cadiz, and is co-managed with her best friend, Bridget Strahin. They have a MASSIVE obsession with books and all things nerdy. They conduct book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, blog tours, and so much more! Genres We Handle: Supernatural, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Chick-Lit, and Suspense Thrillers. Website  Email:  Review Policy

Hello, my name is Belinda and I love books. I really like to read historical and paranormal romance. My favorite authors are Brenda Joyce, Sabrina Jeffries and Elizabeth Hoyt. My reviews can be found  at amazon under my title Queen of Books. I have done reviews for edelweiss, Net Galley, Fiction DB, and Good Reads. I usually read paperback books or e-books. I also share my reviews on my Twitter account. I would love to have a blog one day where everyone who likes romance can share their favorite books. You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you.

GeekeryandBooks. My favorite books to read and review are Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance (Paranormal and Urban Fantasy), and Young Adult. I also like to read graphic novels and comics. Geekery is my passion and I try to talk about thing relevant to the Geek community weekly on Wednesdays. You can catch me on Twitter and GoodreadsEmail me on if you have any questions!

We are The Fifty Shades of Hot book review site, a sister site to Boekie's Book Reviews. We love reading erotic romance novels and the kind of books your mom secretly reads in her bedroom at night. ;) We post our reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, B& and our blog. We are big on being social media friendly, so you better believe we tweet, and share every review on Twitter and Facebook. You can contact us via our website: Come "like" our Facebook page: We look forward to hearing from you! Please be sure to read our review policy.

Stephanie @Books are Cool: I'm a busy freelance editor and farmer but I ALWAYS have time to review books for my website. I will do whatever I can to support indie authors. I'm both traditionally and self published, with 40+ books in my name. I'm an expat living in France and I write about our family's fun and frustrations here: I have no preference as to genre for reviewing. Surprise me!

I'm Mrs_Smut and I enjoy reading Erotic/Smut/Romance Novels. I'm addicted and haven't gone 24 hours without having another book lined up. I have reviewed books for authors and love that I can do my bit. I post my reviews on Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon and on my blogsite, which is still fairly new. I blog about the books I've read and tweet about them too. I work full time however my hours are quite short so I have a lot of time to read and write. My contact details are as follows: Email: ~ Twitter.

Angela Watkins: for reviews. I prefer to review paper back books.  I review books free of charge and I will place them at "Shelfari," twitter, facebook, my blogs and on gather.  I prefer family-friendly, educational, marketing, business, financial, health and christian books.  I am a Writer, Researcher, Book Reviewer and Sunday School Teacher in a Missionary Baptist Church.  I have been writing online since 2000.  I started reviewing books in 2000.  2012 is my 12th year as being a book reviewer. I provide web content for different sites and I share my sunday school lessons online.  I have three blogs:  , and .  I am in the process of building me a free website for the services that I offer.

A Crime Readers' Blog: I’m a novice blogger that reads and reviews mainly crime novels, any genre as long as there is an element of mystery to it. I started out writing a blog purely in the lead up to the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival in Britain last July but loved blogging so intend to carry on. I am happy to expand my reading to other crime writers outside the Harrogate programme. On average I read about a book a week. I only post on my own blog, which is growing steadily ~ everyone has to start somewhere! I can be contacted via email or directly through my blog.

Mary C. Kelly, PhD, author, speaker, leadership expert, and economist.  Graduate of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and served 21 years on active duty after that.  I have 6 books out, 2 more slated for 2013, and chapters in a few more books.  I read non-fiction on business, leadership, marketing, economics, & social media.  I will post my review of your book on my Facebook page & will send your review out on Twitter.  Really great books (12 per year) are featured in my monthly newsletter, Leadership, Dogs & Twitter at that goes out to several thousand business people. My focus is working with companies to improve profits through better productivity & leadership.  I wish you well!

Hi, Cloey here, I love to read Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, YA Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Light Horror. I do not like reading books that have not been edited at least twice by someone other then the Author. I do read ARC, and as a Beta. Your book can be a novel, novela, or even an anthology. I write honest reviews and post to several sites. Stop by and say hello to me on Twitter and checkout MY BLOG. Thank you, I am looking forward to reviewing your books.

My name is... oh wait, I can't tell you. Not because I'm scared of the internet, but because I prefer to write anonymously. Just take a look at MY BLOG, and you can call me The Book Critic for now. I am a British blogger, and I write pretty much every day. You can also find me on Twitter. I don't just blog about books – as a teen I address the issue of confidence amongst young adults and try to make others feel as special as I know they are. I never disregard any genre of writing and will interview any author as long as their books are suitable for young adults. My work has recently been featured on 'The Charleston Veggie' website after an interview with a new author. Please feel free to take a look at my blog and tell me what you think!

WeWhoWrite: NJ Qualls. I offer a concise and truthful review of your work, I read at least 8 hours/day consisting mostly of historical/Regency romance (fiction or nonfiction), time-travel, international espionage.  More recently,  I have become a beta-reader.  You can peruse my blog  or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.  I will also translate your book into Italian. I am looking forward to meeting each of you.   * Sci-fi, horror, young adult and religious subjects are not among my interests.* 

Jerry Brennan is a graduate of West Point and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism; he recently published Resistance and has been a frequent contributor and co-editor at The Deadline. He’s into Camus, Dostoyevsky, Koestler, Hitchcock, Radiohead, The National, and various other lions of literature, film and music, but you can also catch him reading Jim Thompson and even sneaking in some Wahida Clark from time to time. (He’s also a huge Martin Scorsese fan.) He posts reviews on Amazon and GoodReads; contact him via Twitter.

Dr Gill James: I am a writer, reviewer and university lecturer. My main interest is young adult novels, with particular interests in science fiction, paranormal and historical fiction. I’m also happy to review academic books about children’s literature and creative writing, collections of short stories and flash fiction for adults, and adult fiction similar to Maeve Binchy’s. I post on my own Recommended Reads blog, on Amazon and Good Reads. Contact details HERE.

SMS NonfictionBook Reviews: a book reviewer for over 10 years. I have always loved nonfiction the best. My blog is now nonfiction only reviews although for any age group. I prefer lifestyle topics (parenting, pets, food/cooking, home), web/social media/business, science/math, self help, health/psych/sociology and education. I review books of all religions. I DO NOT accept eBooks for review. Please contact me through my blog.

Becky Vance: I am a budding fiction author currently researching my first novel. I freelance on shorter material as well.
I write customer service articles for The Examiner.
I review debut authors on my blog, Becky's Book Notes at

Gitte Doherty from Totally Booked for reviews and/or beta reading. I write honest reviews about how I felt about the characters and their stories. I try my best never to do spoiler reviews. I review on my blog, on Goodreads and on Amazon. I currently read between 4 - 5 books a week and have beta read and done small edits for several authors. I receive ARCs on a regular basis for an honest unbiased review. I don't discriminate on what I will read however my preferred genres to review are: Adult contemporary romance/YA, (m/f, m/m, m/f/m), Paranormal romance, Erotic romance, Historical romance, Urban Fantasy. Contact me on Twitter or Goodreads.

I'm Amy, and I am totally open to review books. I do it anyway, whether I buy the books or am given the books so this way we both benefit. I get to read the books and you get a review from someone who will read pretty much anything. I will not read anything like Fifty Shades of Gray (which means no porn), I will not read historical or non-fiction books. But other than that I'm game for pretty much anything. My reviews will go on my blog, Goodreads, and my Twitter, My blog: Boredom and Words of Nothingness. I would prefer to be contacted on

Miranda Stork: for reviews. I'm an published indie author who loves to read books and review them! I live in the beautiful Northern countryside of England with a wonderful partner, and a demanding cat. I enjoy reading Paranormal Romance or Fantasy, Dystopian, Dark fiction, Horror, or any combination of the above. I do also sometimes review other books, so check with me first. I will post reviews on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. Follow me on Twitter.

Lisa Wood: for reviews. I live in the UK and work part time in the textile industry and I am full time mummy to a gorgeous boy. I hope one day to be a writer and I am currently editing. I mainly read YA fantasy/paranormal urban fantasy but I am open to over genres. I love to read and I am never far from my kindle or book and I am a big supporter of Indie authors. I blog/review at Lisa M and post to Twitter, Google+ and Goodreads. You can follow me and contact me on Twitter.

LindyLouMac'sBook Reviews: I am an English woman living in Italy with a voracious appetite for reading! I set up my Book Review blog to share books I have read with likeminded readers. I hate spoilers in reviews so do my best not to give too much away, but just to tempt others to read. I also now include an author profile with each review for added interest. Reviews will be posted where appropriate on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookcrossing, Anobii, and Google Plus. My tastes are eclectic but I am not keen on fantasy or YA genres. I can be contacted via Twitter and on Facebook.

Donna McBroom-Theriot: Writer. Book Reviewer. Southern Lady. I began writing book reviews in 2010 and have a following of approximately 3,000. Click HERE to contact me. My review policy as well as comments from authors can be viewed on my blog, My Life, One Story at a Time. My preferred genres are nonfiction, romance, historical romance, mystery romance. I offer a book spotlight, book review, author guest post, and book giveaway. I post the reviews to requested venues. I also write short stories about my life. Like me on Facebook ~ Follow me on Twitter

Brian Wilkerson: I'm an avid reader and novelist of the fantasy genre.
As far as reviews are concerned, I'm mostly a Fantasy, Science Fiction or Historical guy but I'm also open to reading and reviewing other genres except Biographies and Romance
Requests that do not comply with my reviewer policy will either be deleted or directed to the policy page: contact me regarding reviews, email me or contact me via my blogFollow Brian on Twitter

Dr David Pitman, Ohio Mid+Western College: For book reviews and beta reading. I prefer the following genres: historical fiction and non-fiction; political; religious. You can contact me on and visit my blog HERE and you can follow Dr David Pitman on Twitter

Kristi Stanford: for reviews. I am reader who would like to have my own distant-future novel reviewed someday.  I am mostly interested in fiction, memoir, classic literature, and maybe romance if time allows.  I am employed as a medical language specialist who blogs under a pen name, currently working on my own novel. You can contact me on and follow me on Twitter HERE

My name is J.J. Poland.
I want to help you with review. I write about erotica and I read erotica. We can share our books and have honest reviews about it. I don't have my site yet, but I'll do it soon. I know how important is for writers-beginners to have review in the beginning. You can contact me via my twitter: