Why use TYB?

TweetYourBooks is the original and genuine Twitter promotion service...

We are proud to be the World's Largest Twitter book promotion network, reaching over 1 MILLION readers...built and nurtured during the last twelve years — not just within a couple of years.

And, because we are not a "budget" service (with sparse tweets to sparse followers) you can be assured that your tweet will not be buried among hundreds of other clients' tweets. The fact is, on a dollar-per-tweet-per-follower basis, the value we provide is second to none.

As we nurtured alliances with our faithful followers and contacts we developed a strategy which is affordable and effective - it takes much more than a couple of random Tweets per day to be anywhere near effective on Twitter.

If the average Twitter user is online for two hours per day, that alone diminishes the effectiveness of a single Tweet by a factor of twelve! And that assumes the user is constantly scanning the timeline!

We make sure that the whole demographic is covered, and because we are a "Go To" resource for free books, competitions, giveaways, articles, tutorials and free reviews, many of our followers look in on us whenever they are around. 

And we don't distinguish between Traditional Publishing and Indie Authors - our clients (and the interesting aside Tweets we regenerate) come from both publishing elements.

When it comes to providing a personal service, there's no substitute for hard work; and that's the secret of our success: we value clients and readers alike and go that extra mile to fanfare your work to our select and loyal followers - for example, our 'Daily Intensive' campaigns comprise of FIFTY tweets per day minimum via our affiliate network of ten accounts.

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